Best Buy

Best Buy

After working at Woot, I was recruited into Best Buy Corporate to assist in integrating a company acquisition into ecommerce initiatives.  I was part of a 5 team think tank and worked directly with Vice Presidents and Directors to integrate product acquisition and allotment into various ecommerce channels.  The products that we were dealing with were all pertaining to secondary market goods, and our goal was to create new online sales channels including a proprietary daily deal channel, third party daily deal channels, and a full standing ecommerce Site.

My main project while working with Best Buy was in leading the initiative to build out their Reward Zone daily deal program.  This included product development for the daily deal site, marketing channels, and product inventory.   In addition to this I also worked with 3rd party programs like eBay in featuring Best Buy daily deals on their site, and consulted with the eBay daily deal managers on how they could better improve their platform and make it a more desirable channel for inventory owners to list their goods.

Ebay Daily Deal

Best Buy was also building out, an eCommerce site solely for their secondary market goods, during this time, and I managed their daily deal inventory and price levels on this site.

Cowboom Daily Deal

The Reward Zone Daily deal project was completed within a year, and the Board of Directors had a positive review of the result.  They estimated that it would bring in an additional $10 million in new sales within the first year and stated that it was one of the quickest projects that had been completed to bring in that much unrealized revenue.  I entirely owe the last part of that analysis to implementing an early understanding of the agile methodology, and breaking away from Best Buys waterfall project structure.  The Reward Zone Daily Deal concept was expanded in 2010 and included in ad placements within the stores.  Best Buys Daily Deal is currently no longer limited only to Reward Zone members, and can be seen prominently displayed on their site.