Highland Homes

Highland Homes


Highland Homes is a premium home builder providing their customers homes in all major Texas markets.  They build in Houston, Dallas – Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio, and produce award winning quality homes.

While the recession did not affect Texas markets as much as it did the rest of the nation, it did take its toll.  As the market started picking back up, it was clear that Highland Homes had market potential to gain from online traffic that was finding their competitors through new channels.  They contacted Credera to help them form a digital strategy in how to reengage the market and recover market share.

Highland Homes was a fantastic client to work for, and were very receptive to new opportunities to capture marketshare that would impact their current processes and responsibilities.  Highland Homes brought their focus on design in their homes to the new site development and together with Credera produced beautiful new sites for all of their brands; Highland Homes, Huntington Homes, & Horizon Homes.  The new sites were easier to navigate an had better imagery, allowing users to better picture the quality of life they would receive with a Highland Home.

From this point we focused on refactoring their SEM PPC campaigns to get a better return on investment which the new sites could deliver, as well as a more formulated content strategy focused on inbound marketing.  We developed a blog for their eCommerce team to manage and produced roles and workflows to help structure their content creation.  We worked with the lead nurturing team, and ran weekly analytics to ensure that the new inbound marketing strategy was proving its worth, and worked with the lead nurturing reps on ways that we could assist them with new technologies and content.

Highland Homes revenue grew dramatically and the Digital strategy which was implemented was a great success.