What is Digital?

What is Digital? In an attempt to answer a question I have been hearing a lot lately, I teamed up with Justin Bell, the Head of Digital and the new President over at Credera, and discussed what our thoughts were around this space.  We ended up writing a post together based on the output of that discussion, which you can read, entitle

design sprint overview

Discussing Design Sprints with Kevin Rose, Jake Knapp, and Daniel Burka

DESIGN SPRINTS What is a Design Sprint? Many are asking, “what is a design sprint?”  A design sprint is a methodology for rapidly understanding, prototyping, developing, and vetting your products MVP.  Design sprints are one of the most cost effective ways to determine if your product is market viable. How To Successfully Incorporate UX Design Into Your Strategy With

3d printed economy

The 3D Printing Economy

3D Printer Economy The future of the economy is coming and it is going to include a technological advancement that will have a larger social impact than previous phases. Advancements in technology within print, audio, and video have revolutionized media.  These achievements made what was once controlled by financially established companies, common place and accessible for everyone.  The result is media is now