SEO is more than putting keywords everywhere.  SEO is not something you do.  SEO is what happens when everything is done right.  To enable growth for your organic channel, you need to implement SEO services throughout your company, and take SEO from an editorial step to a comprehensive approach for digital demand growth.  These SEO blogs will help you get there.

AI SEO robot holding organic plant
AI Marketing

AI Marketing: AI SEO In 2021

How Can Artificial Intelligence/AI be used for Marketing and SEO? One of the questions that marketing strategists ask marketing AI institutes is how to use artificial intelligence or AI for SEO. AI for blogging can be used from data collection, to keyword research, to content writing, and everything in between. AI has become a necessary to incorporate into your SEO

SEO in a Business 2021

SEO In A Company In 2021

2020 held many surprises for everyone.  In March of 2020, when the bottom of the market dropped, all of us were wondering “what’s next?” I had been focusing on many aspects of Digital delivery for the past 10+ years. I never would have expected how much 2020 would change SEO in a company. SEO Prior To The Pandemic Before 2020,


Infographic: How To Structure A Page For SEO

SEO On Page Optimization [Infographic] I wrote a post previously on which provided an example framework of how to write and structure you page like an SEO expert.  Wordtracker has done a great job of creating a very well done infographic which covers much of the same information.  See below, and let me know your thoughts.