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What is Digital?

In an attempt to answer a question I have been hearing a lot lately, I teamed up with Justin Bell, the Head of Digital and the new President over at Credera, and discussed what our thoughts were around this space.  We ended up writing a post together based on the output of that discussion, which you can read, entitle What is Digital Today?

It is a more complex question than some may be aware.  Digital started as a segment of digital marketing, however it is not completely contained in that area of the business anymore.  It has evolved over time, and now includes strategy, user experience, development, and at its core, is business transformation around all of these areas.  Digital has gone from segmented silo’s of business units and business needs, to integrated-cross-discipline project teams which focus on users and their needs.  In order to keep up with the market, Digital has also started to shift some of the priority from stability to speed in terms of emerging product development.  This is safeguarded with Digital transitional changes to maturing projects, which bring successes back over to the more traditional focuses of IT divisions, mainly those of security, stability, and scalability.

What is Digital

The post goes into much better detail with this evolution.  The important thing to highlight about Digital, is that it is a journey.  No one is at the finish line.  No one is complete in the Digital space.  When reading through the article I wrote with Justin, ask yourself, where is my business in this journey?  Have we departed yet, or is much of Digital well tread territory for us?  With many estimating that the majority of Fortune 500 companies will be Digital in the next 15 years, it is important to ask yourself, where is your business on this transition path?  Are we preparing for Digital disruption, or will we be the ones disrupted?

Kyle Wahlquist

Kyle is an Organic Channel Growth Leader and SEO Expert within Credera, who in his 14-year career in eCommerce and digital marketing enablement has worked for some of the fastest growing and largest companies in North America. Kyle is a polymath, or someone who likes to learn a lot about a lot of different areas. He combines many different disciplines to explore new ways to approach challenges and solve problems.

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4 years ago

Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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