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How Can Artificial Intelligence/AI be used for Marketing and SEO?

One of the questions that marketing strategists ask marketing AI institutes is how to use artificial intelligence or AI for SEO. AI for blogging can be used from data collection, to keyword research, to content writing, and everything in between.

AI has become a necessary to incorporate into your SEO content strategy to create content that will rank. For many companies, ai has become an integral part of a range of search ranking strategies, including search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, marketing automation, and even customer service.  Using ai affectively can get your content to rank in search results, and should be part of your SEO strategy.

Search engines have become much more sophisticated in identifying things thanks largely to NLP or Natural Language Processing. NLP allows search engines to understand the voice of the user and the intent and context of their search query. With the advancements in NLP from the search algorithms, marketers need to use AI-powered SEO tactics to meet search engine demands and increase their online rankings.

The SEO AI Arms Race

Marketers have been using AI for a long time, especially in the area of content marketing and marketing automation.  Many large media publications have developed their own CMS or content management systems that allow them to automate much of the content creation process. These content development processes using ai allows more content to be developed in a shorter amount of time. AI for content marketing can save content marketers time and money.

In combination of using AI powered tools to develop content for SEO, AI technologies are also being leveraged to analyze content performance in the search rankings. With AI you can evaluate existing pages and provide actionable, data-driven recommendations in terms of search engine rankings, page views and other key metrics. Additionally, AI can help you with technical SEO issue monitoring, and even resolution.

This level of analysis allows digital marketers to better understand how to optimize their content over time, to iteratively improve search rankings. The future of these two sides of ai optimization, content creation and SEO data analysis, will likely start working together in real time to produce continual optimization.

The search engines, and the NLP ai tech that marketers will be using will constantly be evaluating each others work and self adjusting their approach for each other. We will have an ecosystem of AI powered tools and algorithms that monitor each other to create, rank, and optimize their own part in this 2-way artificial intelligence conversation.

How to write SEO friendly content with AI today

Writing SEO – friendly content use to take a considerable amount of time, but then AI – generated content came into play. With a writing team on board, a single person, a company can start creating AI-based SEO content in volume with a fraction of the time it used to take writing teams to produce content.

The application of AI in your content development cycles will drastically accelerate your content delivery timeframes.

Top 4 best AI tools for writing SEO content

With these AI tools for SEO, companies can start using AI to charge their SEO content strategy in just a few steps.  While all of these have a “free” trial, only AIWriter does not make you input your credit card information to sign up to use it.  I am also not incentivized or paid by any of these companies.

1. Articleforge

Articleforge is the AI writer that lists its SEO abilities the more than its competitors.  Pricing in the high $20’s seems typical for tools like this, but if you don’t pay yearly, Articleforge doubles the cost, so month by month costs are high.  If you know you are going to use an AI writing tool a lot for SEO, this is likely the one for you.

articleforge ai writing tool pricing
Articleforge ai writing tool pricing

2. Kafkai

Kafkai is another AI writer that highlights the amount of types of content it can distinguish and write for.  Low end pricing is in the high $20’s, so if you don’t use it too much, it seems in line with other tools’ pricing.  As you get up into industrial use though, the price seems to be considerably higher than some of its counterparts.

Kafkai ai writing tool pricing
Kafkai ai writing tool pricing

3. AIWriter

AIWriter not only is the cheapest version, but the free trial does not require you to input your credit card information.  I tested this one, and it does a decent job.  If you are hobby blog writer, this is likely a good tool to start with as it is truly a “no strings attached” trail, and the ongoing cost is low.

AIWriter ai writing tool pricing
AIWriter ai writing tool pricing

4. WordAi

WordAi highlights their natural language processing (NLP) capabilities more than any of the competitors.  This may indicate that their AI is better at processing language and making it sound more natural.  It is also available in multiple languages including Spanish, French, and Italian.  Combine that with their API capability, and this may be the best choice for larger businesses.  You do have to enter your payment information to try it out though.

WordAI ai writing tool pricing
WordAI ai writing tool pricing

How To Use Ai To Write SEO Articles

Focus on Your Audience Voice & Volume for Organic Channel Content

Every SEO Expert who writes about SEO will tell you to start with Keyword research. Keyword research will allow you to understand the voice of your audience, and what questions they are trying to answer. This will allow you to target your content to the largest amount of people searching for solutions you can provide. Performing keyword research first also ensures you are not wasting your time on a topic that no one is looking for.

Allow Your AI tool to Draft SEO Content

NLP AI tools are far from perfect. In current state, you would not want AI content writers to completely automate your content delivery process. AI content is not that good. At least not yet.

AI content writers are however very good at providing you with a good first draft for your content. They may pull in additional research or insights that you may not have thought to include in your article or blog post. This can get you a first draft of 800-1000 words on page in a matter of minutes, as opposed to an hour or more.

To do this simply take the keywords or long-tail keyword blog topics that you found people searching for in your keyword research phase, and enter them into the AI content writer tool. From there it generally only takes a few minutes, and you will have a draft ready for your review.

Optimizing AI Content for SEO

When used wisely, these tools can act as search engine optimization tools to produce highly SEO-optimized content that ranks higher than queues and leads to more traffic. When it comes to SEO optimization, artificial intelligence can help bloggers and authors create flawless content.

Now that you have used your AI writing tool to provide you the initial framework of your article, and you have made that content more targeted and more reader friendly, you can now move into optimization mode. Content optimization is an important stage in the content development process for SEO, so that you can make sure to expand your target organic channel audience size to include more than just your target keyword.

There are a few tools I use to do this, but the 2 main tools I use include the SEMRush Writing Assistant, and Yoast for WordPress. Both of these will monitor your article content, and give you real time recommendations based on known search engine algorithm ranking factors, and detailed keyword data.

They will help you optimize your keyword usage, supportive keyword usage, tone of voice, length of sentences and paragraphs, link opportunities, and html elements, among other things. This step is generally your final draft of your content and will really help in getting your content across the finish line, in terms of being able to rank for SEO

SEO Content Publication, Monitoring, & Optimization

Once you have your content where you think it should be, and are ready to publish, you are not done. It will be important to track your contents page against your target keywords for that page, and see how your ranking is doing over time.

Tools like Moz, SEMRush, Dragon Metrics, Conductor, or BrightEdge are great for this need. You can see where all of your content is ranking over time for specific keywords and make adjustments accordingly.

Don’t just “set it and forget it” with your organic channel content. We are building this content for channel value after all, and even with AI writers it costs more to build new content, than it does to up keep and continually optimize existing content.

Keeping an eye on your content, its rankings, and new opportunities to enhance and continually optimize that content for SEO. Doing so will allow you to iteratively grow your organic channel size.

AI, SEO, And The Future

With AI, companies can improve search engine optimization strategies, including the content they produce for SEO. AI – powered content marketing tools will boost your writing contributions from good to great if you find the right keywords and topics and optimize the generated content with your SEO expertise.

A fun fact: is that this article was initially drafted with an AI writing tool, and then finalized using an SEO review tool. See if you can tell which pieces of content were generated by AI.  If you have an AI powered content creation tool that I did not list, but think it is better, please list it in the comments.  I would love to check it out!

Kyle Wahlquist

Kyle is an Organic Channel Growth Leader and SEO Expert within Credera, who in his 14-year career in eCommerce and digital marketing enablement has worked for some of the fastest growing and largest companies in North America. Kyle is a polymath, or someone who likes to learn a lot about a lot of different areas. He combines many different disciplines to explore new ways to approach challenges and solve problems.

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