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SEO On Page Optimization [Infographic]

I wrote a post previously on which provided an example framework of how to write and structure you page like an SEO expert.  Wordtracker has done a great job of creating a very well done infographic which covers much of the same information.  See below, and let me know your thoughts.

Infographic: How to structure a page for SEO via WordTracker

via WordTracker

Kyle Wahlquist

Kyle is an Organic Channel Growth Leader and SEO Expert within Credera, who in his 14-year career in eCommerce and digital marketing enablement has worked for some of the fastest growing and largest companies in North America. Kyle is a polymath, or someone who likes to learn a lot about a lot of different areas. He combines many different disciplines to explore new ways to approach challenges and solve problems.

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Dinesh MJ
8 years ago

Kyle i have been following your articles a while. it makes sense. Can you tell what are your link building secrets in an article.

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